Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A quick laugh

Kaitlyn has what I like to refere to as the My Syndrome. She replaces the word "I" with "my." Here are some examples:

Can My have some?

Mommy, My Hungry.

My can do it!

Leave My’lone!

No My not!

Now My know My ABC’s….

This is very cute and we have fallen into the trap of not really correcting it because she is only 3 and its adorable....I'd rather work on it when she's 10! lol...guess I need to start..

Anyway here is a converstation between her and Alena that cracked me up! Enjoy :-)

One morning while still lying in bed, I could hear Alena and Kaity having a pretty feisty discussion. They are going back and forth for a while and as usual, when all else fells, Alena uses the “I am older then you..I know how to…you don’t… nanana booboo.

So I am pretty sure Alena thought she was about to shut the whole discussion down when she said,

“Kaity, you CAN’T even read!”

Kaity, not leaving a moment of silence, replies,

“YES MY ARE!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year

When I was a little girl my mother had us believe that how we brought the New Year in is how we would spend the entire year. This is why when the clock struck midnight, we would be together as a family, in church, holding a candle and singing “Walk in the Light…Beautiful Light….”…there are some unmentionable years that this belief had no validity…and more then ever I am believing in its untruth again this year!

We are only nine days into the new year and I have spent 4 of those (including new years eve night) @ Children’s Hospital. What a bust.

On any given night by 7:30pm, my house is quiet. All children have been fed, bathed or something like it, pottied, read to, kissed and tucked….again or something like it! In all honesty, some days my husband and I are looking forward to 7:30 pm starting at 7:00 am. Get the picture…..this is one routine that we do not like to have broken. So imagine how I felt on New Years Eve at 10:40 when I heard a baby crying.

Earlier in the evening Camryn had not seemed well, so Jonathan went to church (the thought was at least one of us would bring the new year in right!) and I stayed home. I was busy chatting away on facebook and enjoying not having to share the remote when I heard her start to scream. Because this is such a rarity, I immediately went to check on her. I could her breathing before I opened the door.

I panicked. Turned on the hot shower, called Jonathan, called the nurse and prepared to head to the ER. I didn’t know what, but I knew an 8 month old shouldn’t sound like that.

So anyway to make a long story short, she had RSV, a respiratory virus young babies are prone to. She spent two nights in the hospital…a week later, we repeated this exact routine with Olivia.

They are recovering well…and we have remained surprisingly sane and at peace. The kind of peace that makes YOU wonder what’s wrong with YOU.

I was not sure why I posted the grateful blog the other night, 4 months after I originally wrote it, but I am so glad I did. I thought maybe I was posting it for some other struggling mom and maybe it helped there too but now I know it was a needed reminder for me before I even knew I needed it. I am so glad to serve a God who knows what I need better then I do!

Now that I think about it, maybe I did start the new year in a way that I intend to spend it. Being obedient to and relying on God to handle the rest!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Catch Up

Today's post was the first one in a about a year (or more?) and as you can probably tell, a lot has happened!

Now let me be honest, I am not committed to blogging (ha) but in case I feel the urge to do it again, I want to lay the ground work for any of my future ramblings :) So, here is our Christmas letter! I sums it all up for ya.

December 2009

Well, where to begin…This year has been full of wonderful life-changing events, starting with the birth of Camryn Joi and Olivia Grace!!! These newest Pitts girls joined us on May 2, 2009 and all dull moments are now officially full of bottles, diapers, play dough, homework, carpool lines, play dates and family-fun.

The twins, now 7mo, are on the move. Crawling, scooting, pulling and diving mouth first into any and everything. They love playing with their sisters and the look in their eyes lets us know they can’t wait to join them in the real fun! They are truly a joy to watch and we are blessed to have them.

Kaitlyn Noel, our lil Christmas baby is not really a baby anymore; she will turn 3 on the 23rd!!! Her favorite color is purple and at her request, she will have a “purple birthday” celebration on Dec. 19th. She is growing up but still loves to cuddle and when she’s ready, no ears are off limits. (she loves to rub ears, big or small). She never ceases to amaze us with all she is learning…even when we weren’t teaching! She really is an adorable little girl.

Alena Nichole started Kindergarten in the fall! In March, Jonathan grabbed his sleeping bag, flashlight and a few snacks to prepare for his overnight camping excursion outside of Life School (Red Oak Campus), in order to secure a spot in one of Dallas’ leading charter schools. Believe it or not, he was not even amongst the first 50 but he was close enough! We absolutely love the school and its guiding principles. Children are taught to be accountable for their academic success as well as their moral fiber. Jonathan and I are enjoying watching Alena develop. She is quite a little lady, full of creativity and joy.

Last but not least, Jonathan and I are doing well. Jonathan is now the Director of Membership at our church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. He is also going into his 5th year of managing Anthony Evans. He still enjoys a good round of golf but finds himself watching it now more then playing! He will get back out there soon and maybe 1 of the 4 will share his passion!! He is a wonderful father and loves spending time with all of his girls.

I am a fulltime wife, mom, teacher, doctor, chef, and counselor (the list changes daily) and I could not ask for anything more rewarding. I love watching my family grow into all God has planned. I manage to get out quite often and nothing refuels you like a new shirt and a good movie 

Well that about sums it up. At the beginning of this journey together, we had no idea what God had in store. Now, 5 years later, we sit in awe and full of gratitude not only for His provision and strength but for the love, joy and contentment he has lavished on us.


It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was coming off of a long weekend. Jonathan had been on the road for 4 days and I was exhausted from playing the role of a single parent. Alena (5), Kaity (2.5) and the 4 month old twins had worn a momma out! Now, finally Tuesday had come and I was simply basking in my chance to lounge around all day with only one, well 2 interruptions every 2 hours…feeding the twins. The big girls, Alena and Kaity, were both in school and the babies were right on schedule, eat/wake/nap/eat/wake/nap and so on.

I am not sure if it was something mentioned on Regis and Kelly, The View or The Price is Right, or maybe it was the pure luxury of watching mindless TV that did not involve puppets or counting shapes. But my heart began to cry out ‘Thank you God”. Thank you for a great life, for healthy children, a wonderful husband, family and friends that support and love us, a terrific yet free school for Alena, the fact that I can stay home and pour into my girls and focus on my family. Thank you that I have not loss my mind with all these kidsJ, thank you that I don’t have to worry about afterschool care, early drop-off or daycare. Thank you that I can sit and watch TV while my husband does bath time, that I can catch a movie or enjoy a pedicure. Thank you that I don’t have bill collectors calling or cutoff notices waiting…thank you that I don’t even take care of the bills! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Often, when we venture out and one by one little feet hop out of the van, and I begin to unload and snap car-seats into the double stroller, I seem to get looks of pity. Like: oh that poor mother, all those kids, she has to be stressed out…in return I want to look at them and say oh no! Don’t pity me…God has been good to me!!! So often our lives can become consumed with the things we do not have or the things we want. We exert all of our energy and efforts striving to get away from where we are, when the reality is that a lot of what we are asking for, God has done….it just doesn’t look the way we want it to…but today, right now, I see with God’s eyes and boy is it beautiful!

Friday, May 9, 2008


The great thing about moving “away” is that going “home” becomes a wonderful vacation!

God’s gift to parents with small children is relatives and when you willingly move miles away from them you can truly classify yourself as a little bit of an idiot. However, when you live close to them, they most likely classify you as an ungrateful idiot, who takes advantage of their love for your children. OHHHH, but when you live away and come back to visit suddenly they become the……………uhhhhh…………great relatives that they are!

So the way I see it, moving away is the best of both worlds because when you visit, you have grown folks, with grown children, fighting over when they will get to spend time with your babies. See you might have missed that…they don’t want to see you; they want to see your babies.

What I am saying to you is that living away from your family can be extremely difficult, no question about it. You have to search, interview, pay and sometimes steal a good babysitter. BUT when send word that you are coming “home”, you get phone calls, emails and text messages from people wondering when will they get a turn to give you a break.

I am going home next week and I am so excited that one would think I was going to Paris, but my goodness Baltimore is going to be great!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I want to take this opportunity to clarify a few myths that have become socially acceptable. However, I think it’s totally unfair because when believed, these untruths will misguide you and lead you down paths of false high hopes.

There are many concepts that fall into this category but today my issue is with the ones surrounding motherhood. One of the biggest is the 9-month pregnancy. I am just not sure why our society has led us to believe pregnancy is a 9-month process. When you are pregnant you count by weeks and a full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks. You do the math, but typically this is 10 months, not 9. So basically after week 36, your doctor will probably tell you that you have about 4 weeks to go!!! (I know this can technically be explained but still!)

The other is morning sickness. Now grant it every pregnancy is different so I will just say that my morning sickness could never figure out what time of day it was…

And now this next one is the reason for the blog this evening. The “terrible twos” (I don’t like this term but we all know what it is) do not actually have an age. Toddlers are toddlers and there is no timeframe that will determine their very unpredictable behavior…

It dawned on me one day this week that Kaitlyn will be 16months old on the 23rd of this month. This is hard for me to grasp because at this young age Kaitlyn is so different then her sister was. One of the main differences being the ability to speak, or should we say the inability to speak! By now Alena and I were having miniature conversations and she could pretty clearly verbally express all of her demands. On the other hand Kaitlyn’s vocabulary consist of about 7 words, 3 of which are open to interpretation.

Up until now Kaity’s laidback personality and quiet presence has spoiled us. Well this weekend she decided I was having it a little too easy and it was time to it up a notch.

On Sunday alone Kaitlyn who normally does not remove her two fingers from her mouth for longer then 3 seconds, managed to open and unload my dresser draws, fill a cup of water during her bath and throw it, open her sippy cup of milk and dunk it on her sister’s bed, knock my soda over into my lap, pull the speakers down off of the TV stand and throw-up in my car! Now she clearly will not be 2 until December so somebody please tell me WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When Alena was about 9 months old, we decided it was time for a little vacation. I packed up four days worth of diapers, toys, cloths and all the accessories I could fit into the trunk of my Camery and I left my sweet little girl in the loving care of her grandparents. Jonathan and I then headed to Virginia for what was supposed to be our first romantic get-away since our honeymoon.

Well about two hours into the drive, I realized that the entire trip was a bad idea. I started freaking out about leaving my baby! If it was up to me I would have turned around immediately and said forget the whole thing. Jonathan, however, was not having it and was determined to make this trip great. Well he was unsuccessful and I can honestly say it was the most miserable vacation I have ever taken. I literally cried every one of those four days.

Its not that I was worried about Alena, even at that young age she absolutely adored her grandparents and I was sure she was receiving lots of love and care. The problem was the overwhelming sense of guilt I felt for leaving. It just seemed mean to enjoy being away from my baby. I could beat myself over the head for it now, but I remember being bawled up in the bed and sobbing as I if I had forever lost the love of my life.

Well let me just say, it is four years later and thank GOD I no longer have this problem! Jonathan and I just returned from 7 days in Hawaii and the kids spent 8 days in NJ. There were some days that I had to remind myself to call and check on them, haha…I did almost feel a little guilty for that J but overall it was a much needed and much appreciated break for all four of us. Before we left, Alena and I both were counting down the days to our vacation!

Although I have only been doing this mommy thing for four years, I have learned that I am a much better me for them when I allot myself the time needed to be me for me. As mommy’s, wives, I suppose husbands, employees and etc.. there are so many things that we are required to do and often we dig ourselves into such pits of guilt if we don’t meet the expectation. I just think its important to re-evaluate whose expectation’s we are trying to meet. Life is much more pleasant for all involved when we free ourselves from the cloud of “cause I am supposed to."

This is also true for the pressure of writing this blog!!